All products in the cloud management family have been rebranded “VMware Aria”.

By Lerpong Intaraworrapath | April 24th, 2023

VMware has announced the official renaming of all products in our cloud management family to VMware Aria.

What is VMware Aria?

A unified management solution for cloud native applications and multi-cloud.

VMware Aria, a multi-cloud management portfolio that provides a set of end-to-end solutions for managing the cost, performance, configuration, and delivery of infrastructure and applications. Expressly designed for the operational challenges of cloud-native applications and public cloud environments, VMware Aria truly delivers a wholly new perspective on multi-cloud management. 

The VMware Aria Product List

Previous NameNew Name
vRealize Automation / CloudVMware Aria Automation
VMware Cloud AssemblyVMware Aria Automation Assembler
VMware Service BrokerVMware Aria Automation Service Broker
VMware Code StreamVMware Aria Automation Pipelines
VMware Cloud TemplatesVMware Aria Automation Templates
vRealize OrchestratorVMware Aria Automation Orchestrator
vRealize Automation SaltStack ConfigVMware Aria Automation Config
vRealize Automation SaltStack SecOpsVMware Aria Automation for Secure Hosts
CloudHealth Secure StateVMware Aria Automation for Secure Clouds
vRealize Operations / CloudVMware Aria Operations
vRealize Log Insight / CloudVMware Aria Operations for Logs
vRealize Network Insight / CloudVMware Aria Operations for Networks
Tanzu Observability by WavefrontVMware Aria Operations for Applications
vRealize True Visibility SuiteVMware Aria Operations for Integrations
CloudHealthVMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth
vRealize Cloud UniversalVMware Aria Universal Suite
vRealize SuiteVMware Aria Suite
vCloud SuiteVMware vCloud Suite
CloudHealth by VMware SuiteDiscontinued Name
CloudHealth Partner PlatformDiscontinued Name – see Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth
Platform & Cross-Cloud Services
Project EnsembleVMware Aria Hub
NewVMware Aria Graph
vRealize Migration ManagerVMware Aria Migration
vRealize Automation Cloud GuardrailsVMware Aria Guardrails
Project Ensemble InsightsVMware Aria Business Insights
SkylineVMware Skyline
vRealize Suite Lifecycle ManagerVMware Aria Suite Lifecycle
vRealize Cloud Subscription ManagerVMware Aria Hub Subscription
vRealize AI CloudDiscontinued Name – functionality now part of Aria Hub


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